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We address the out of stock problem for brands and retailers by notifying the employees well before those problems happen.

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Our equipment works together on any existing shelf and uses the software to collect and analyze data in real time.

Our proprietary smart panels and laser modules work together with our software using machine learning to prevent stock outs and recommend a perfect order, so you’ll never worry about empty shelves again.


Unlike our competitors that use AI Vision to monitor just the shelf edge, our cost efficient solution tracks back stock, preempting an out of stocks instead of just notifying you after the damage is already done.


Save costs by implementing only on high turn and high value products.


Reduce stock outs and increase sales


Responses as fast as every 30 seconds


Optimize employee productivity


API Integration with your ERP or product management software


Forget about your manual measurement of your KTPS an retail audits.

For Brands

24/7/365 real-time data from the POS will help you make informed decision, increase your on shelf availability and bring you merchandising supremacy.

For Retailers

Permanent monitoring for your high turn high value and other strategic items, will increase your customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

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